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KRMD Stock Showing Capriciousness, Here’s Why

Repro-Med Systems, Inc. (KRMD), a leading medical device manufacturer, is seeing bearish movement in its stock price since the last few weeks. Over the course of last month, the share price of KRMD stock decreased by some 10.97%, The stock closed at $3.41 on Friday. In the premarket, the company’s share is losing its price further, with a decrease of 8.21%; hence, the share price currently stands at $3.13.

Allegations of securities fraud

On the 28th of June, the Lifeshitzlaw firm announced the filing of a complaint against the Repro-Med systems. The complaint was filed over the alleged breach of federal securities law, as well as allegations of issuing misleading statements about the company’s business. Besides, several other law firms also filed similar complaints against the company on similar sorts of allegations.

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Internal dynamics of Repro-med

Although recent times have seen a downtrend in the behavior of KRMD stock, the past performance reveals that the share price has increased by 635% during the last 5 years. But despite this increase in share price, the EPS has decreased by some 34% per year. On the other hand, the revenue generated by the company during the last five years has increased by 16%. This means that while neglecting the EPS, the company has largely focused its domain toward revenue growth. Also, trends have shown that long-term shareholders have gained 49%/year during last five years, hence, remaining in profit.

Q1 2021 results and leadership change

In early May, the company released the financial results for the first quarter of the year 2021. According to those, the company generated revenue of $5.4 million during the quarter, as compared to last year, when the company brought in $6.3 million in terms of revenue during the same quarter. The operating expense by the company stood at about $5.4 million, as compared to $3.2 million it spent during the same quarter in the previous year. The operating expenses were higher due to the fact that the company spent some $1.3 million in leadership changes. On the 12th of April, the company announced the leadership change, with the induction of Linda Tharby as new President and CEO

Impact of pandemic over Repro-med business

COVID pandemic proved to be beneficial for the business of Repro-Med systems. Pandemic shifted the public from hospitals to home-based therapies. Due to that shift, immune patients leaned towards Repro-Med’s infusion system, which provided patients with an opportunity to self-administer the drugs at their home. That in turn increased company’s stature as well as caused a massive burgeoning in its stature in the medical sector.

Future outlook for KRMD stock

According to analyst estimates, Repro-Med has the tendency to generate a revenue of $5.7 million during the next quarter. This shows that the company has the tendency to exacerbate its already advancing business to new heights. As far as its future performance of KRMD stock is concerned, it is believed that once the company successfully negates the allegations by law firms, it could once again achieve the trust of investors.

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