Twist Bioscience Corporation (TWST) this week announced broader strategic partnership with Neogene Therapeutics, Inc.

TWST is a company which provides silicon platform to enables customers to succeed through company’s offering of high-quality synthetic DNA while Neogene is a biotechnology company that is treating cancer by pioneering a new class of fully personalized T cell therapies.

Through wider collaboration both companies will leverage Neogene’s proprietary expertise to treat tumor neo-antigens combined with DNA synthesis products and platform of Twist. The companies will also collaborate in development of customized T cell receptor (TCR) therapies and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies to be used in treatment of cancer patients.

As per partnership terms, the companies will collaborate to develop novel tools targeting T cell therapies. A specialized TCR library will be created for Neogene by one of Twist Bioscience divisions Twist Biopharma. The library will be focused on discovering engineered TCRs aiming specifically at two T cell targets in cancer which will enable Neogene to personalize T cell therapies in future.

Twist Biopharma will also make use of its “Library of Libraries” to discover purpose-specific antibodies having affinity and specificity to target two oncology goals for CAR-T therapies of Neogene in future. The antibodies so discovered will have fine specificity to hit those oncology targets which will also provide the companies with a potential to develop novel CAR-T therapies against such targets.

As part of the collaboration deal, Neogene will pay Twist with technology access fees as well as incentives on reaching some milestones and also with royalties.  The milestones and royalties are subject to achieving major preclinical, clinical and commercial milestones for any TCRs and antibodies which will be developed as part of the collaboration. Moreover Neogene will be using TCR library for targeting neo-antigens and viral in the field of oncology with exclusive rights.