Provention Bio, Inc. (PRVB) Started National Effort To Aware People About Type 1 Diabetes – Stocks Register

Provention Bio, Inc. (PRVB) Started National Effort To Aware People About Type 1 Diabetes

Provention Bio, Inc. (PRVB) last week launched a national effort to redefine patient care in type 1 diabetes (T1D). The pharmaceutical company dedicated to intercepting and preventing autoimmune disease commenced the effort with two campaigns educating about the screening and state of the disease.

The specifically designed campaigns namely “Type 1 Tested” and “Connected by T1D” are for patients and their relative and healthcare professionals respectively given an increased risk of T1D they are exposed to. The campaigns also aimed at the importance and urgent requirement of screening people especially those who have a family history of T1D. It will make aware of the disease at early stage and prior to its symptoms.

About 1.6 million Americans have been affected by T1D which is an autoimmune disease. Family history of T1D puts people at a risk of developing the disease 15 times more than the people who do not have such history. Blood tests to carry screening of specific autoantibodies could result in confirmation of the disease at early stages and prior to appearance of any related signs or symptoms. The screening is potentially helpful in reducing the risk of developing serious complications and events that could be life threatening like diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The screening could also be helpful to better prepared before appearance of symptoms and lifetime administration of insulin and monitoring glucose levels.

Both campaigns are focused on the requirement of screening patients having family history of T1D disease because of being at a greater risk. Connected by T1D also concentrates on reviewing different stages of T1D and destruction of beta cells which occurs months and even years before appearance of the symptoms.

Type 1 Tested on the other hand emphasizes patients and their parents on testing of the disease to get in-advance additional knowledge about their health. This will help them as well as their doctors, to better prepare for clinical T1D and to take measures to reduce the risk of DKA and other life threatening complications.

Early and regular autoantibody screening is the main motto of both campaigns.

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